Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Retro bags collection

We released 4 retro bags designs for boys and girls. Each of them with different color options. The names are based in one of the bands that influenced our life: The Who (you can also check our Who T-shirt design). Three of them are MacBook (or similar) ready. Check them out!

Our intention is to continue adding more options, but don't worry because T-Shirts are our main love.

Please tell us if there's anything you want to find at Waterloo, for example: belts, wallets, bracelets, etc.

1 comment:

natalia said...

excelentes remeras. tengo un par y he regalado otras, a todo el mundo les encantan. hay algunos modelos que en decime tortugra (galeria recamier, cabildo y juramento) donde suelo comprar as mias, no estan. me pueden pasar direccion de lugares donde se vendan al publico en la capital? mi mail es
gracias chicos, saludos.